93-Year-Old Grandma’s Joyful Workout Session Is The Sweetest Thing You’ll See Today

A cheerful heart is the best medicine for a good health (Prov 17:22). 93 year old grandma is cheerfully enjoying her daily work out is the best heartwarming video I have ever watched! Helence Z Miller is 93 year old, but she proves you’re never too old to dance and cheer up! She describes herself as the grandmother who could go on and on about her family, as she is blessed with two sons, a wonderful daughter in law and two grandchildren in her life!, Even in her old age she is fit to make the moves and watching her adorable laugh in a pleasant attitude agrees to say that” She lives her life to the fullest”!

Her daughter Joana Zanin is sharing this beautiful video of her mother, training at Anytime Fitness in Pierre, South Dakota! Zanin hopes this video will encourage older people to hit gym to stay healthy and happy. Usually the elderly people give up on trying  to take care of themselves , but this video will make sure that the “ best thing you can do is exercise” and the age is never a barrier for the same!

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