Grandmother Watching Graduation From Hospital Bed Breaks Down In Tears When Door Opens To Her Room

“Grandchildren are the crowning glory of the elderly people”(Pro 17:6).

Here a grandmother is blessed to receive that crowning glory when her granddaughter surprised her with a touching appearance. 70 year old Sharon Thompson was watching her granddaughters’ graduation ceremony on computer from her hospital bed. And all of a sudden her surprise turned out to be tears of joy when Taylor-her granddaughter walked in!

Sharon was admitted in hospital with a weak bone-marrow transplant and brain surgery. She couldn’t attend her granddaughter, Taylor’s high school graduation in 2014 due to recent surgeries. However she made sure to watch the live Cody, Wyoming ceremony on a laptop from Houston Methodist Hospital in Texas. This grandma was really wishing to be there to cheer her grand-baby, but she wasn’t in a position to make it up live!

However the loving granddaughter who knew the importance of family and the value of such moments decided to surprise her grandmother at her hospital bed. In between the ceremony event, she dropped out to hospital to visit her loving grandma and their sweet surprise is contagious with love! The heartwarming video shows the grandmother is breaking out in tears of joy while seeing her granddaughter in her graduation costume. And both of them were filled with true emotions of family  bonding.

I am sure this was a great crown of joy for this elderly grandma and she will recover soon from her hospital bed. Because happy hearts are always a good medicine for a speedy recovery!

“ A happy heart is good medicine and a joyful mind cause healing”(Pro 17:22)