Grocery Worker’s Performance Goes Viral And Dream Comes True

A young man’s dream comes true in an extraordinary fashion!! He just did a mic check with a classic Christmas tune for the sound check and his stunning music invites him to apply for the Music School he dreamed to study!

Gilly Assuncao is a professional singer at his homeland in Brazil.  But he works in Russo grocery store in Boston to earn money for his computer education.3 month ago, one day when he was asked to do a mic check for the grocery store; this young man sang a classic Christmas tune for the sound check. His beautiful voice stunned everyone in the store and the video of him singing went viral in the internet!The grocery store’s Facebook page uploaded a video of him singing to social media saying

“Our employee’s talent brought tears to our eyes!”

He was interviewed by various news outlets about his dream of being a professional musician in America, but how he has started working at the grocery store to go to school and study computers instead. Fortunately his singing performance caught the eye of the Prestigious Berklee College of Music. And in no time the school reached out to the grocery store worker and asked him to apply! And finally on last week his most anticipate dream come true when he has received his acceptance letter!Overwhelmed in surprise he says ..

““My heart stopped, I didn’t know what to do,”

One of his friend created a GoFundMe page for him to meet the costs of his  tuition and other expenditures for his four year degree course! . Gilly is heading to fulfill his dream in the most professional way and we wish him all the very best and will wait for his next song!

Gilly’s incredible performance during shopping today! Our employee’s talent brought tears to our eyes!

Posted by Russo's on Saturday, December 16, 2017