Man In Wheelchair Travels Across The Country To Shake Hands With Someone In Every State

This man is determined to move ahead in wheelchair to shake hands with someone in every sates of U.S. He makes this “Handshake Journey” to show that they all are really in his heart and he loves them!

Dennis Schultz was formerly a truck driver and had lost his right leg after a trucking accident, which left him with a less than 50 percent chance of survival! But there were many whom he called “first responders” who helped him following the accident to come back to life in a pretty normal way.  He wants to thank man and women in the medical field who saves lives every day as he believes such great people are the very reason for him alive today!

He just wanted to be thankful for all the people around and wanted to spread hope and love in millions who are down with various life challenges.  He carries a banner that asks people to sign and was filled in short span of time showing his mission as a great success. And when it ran out of space, there were kind people around him to give one for free. To encourage his kind attitude people have come across gifting him a new wheel chair  as well.

He is chronicling his adventurous journey on Facebook with the photos and stories of hope. He wish, let everyone look at his story and stay in hope that the world is filled with goodness!