54-Year-Old Women Who Biked 16 Miles To Work For 8 Years Gets Incredible Gift From A Cop

Caring and compassionate eyes are all around us. Whether it is a caring co worker or an observant police officer, people and cared and blessed in their time of trouble!

54 year old Jo Meade who works as a dishwasher at Cracker Barrel was a reliable worker despite not having a proper commutation facility of her own! She was willing to ride 3 buses; a trip which takes two hours from her Lansing, Michigan, apartment to Cracker Barrel in Okemos! If she wasn’t commuting by bus she was making a 16 mile round trip on her Panama Jack bike to make sure she is on time !

Posted by Jo Meade on Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fortunately a Lansing Police Officer Trevor Arnold took notice of her and was compassionate to get her a better mode of commutation, at least a used car! Along with the car dealership and a community of donors they could manage to surprise Meade with a gift- 2007 model Ford Taurus worth $4,000! With 6 months of paid car insurance this was really a heart racing gift to this hardworking woman!

Thank God,such acts of loving kindness are repeated!!! In a similar story, Linda Walton was also known for her reliability at work despite of her 3 hour commuting trouble! Here a co worker’s eyes were opened to Walton’s trouble and all the employees from her organization contributed money to help lessen the burden of such a long commute for Walton with a car of her own!

Lansing Woman Surprised with Car


When Lansing Police Officer Trevor Arnold found about a local woman who has been taking the bus – or biking 13 miles to work for years, he decided to take action. The Lansing Police Department teamed up with several local partners to surprise Jo Meade, and give her a faster, and safer way to get around town.

Posted by WLNS Photojournalists on Tuesday, October 17, 2017

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