Heathrow Airport’s New Christmas Bear Ad Is A Tearjerker!

A cute love story is aptly customized for the Christmas season to convey the feeling of “being wrapped in the arms of a loved one” is truly incredible! Heathrow Airport releases a tear-jerking festive ad narrating a 50-year romance between two adorable bears at Terminal one! Edward and Doris Bair are the Stars of this season as this commercial ad tells the story of how the couple met and are reunited at Terminal one during different stages of their lives!

Heathrow’s Commercial Director, Ross Baker’s camera starts whirling in 1967, taking viewers down memory lane to the flights that were landing in West London five decades ago with a flashing flavor of romance! The hero, Bear Edward leaves his coat on flight and is handed back by cabin crew Doris Bair and they soon become Mr and Mrs Bair with a growing family !Finally, the lonely Edward sitting with the black and white photo of their wedding will leave the viewers overwhelmed in emotions!

Sit back and watch, and make sure the maker’s mission is accomplished giving a unique feeling of love delivering a warm excitement to welcome friends and family to enjoy the Christmas Season!