Young Boy Weep With Joy After His Favorite Hockey Player Tosses Him A Stick

The young boy is gladly shedding his tears of joy after his favorite New York Ranger tosses him a stick.The simple gesture of his favorite player left this young hockey fan crying tears of joy!  New York Rangers forward Pavel Buchnevich tossed his hockey stick over the boards to a young fan named Benjamin and his spontaneous reactions will make us feel happy for him!

On Wednesday ,during the warm up time the player was fascinated to see the 12 year old boy Benjamin wearing a Buchnevich jersey and showed up at Madison Square Garden at the glass! Benjamin was wearing a Severstal Cherepovets jersey, a Russian club the left winger played for before he was picked up by the Rangers! He was like, “Wow that’s a very nice jersey,” look at this kid” and in no time he tossed his stick to the kid leaving him in super amazement!

Benjamin is part of the Junior Rangers youth hockey organization and he is a huge fan of Rangers! When Buchnevich came and gave him the stick over the glass, he was overwhelmed with excitement and broke out in tears of joy.Watching him weeping in such immense passion will fill our hearts with true joy!.