102-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Has A Tearful Reunion With His Nephew Who He Thought Was Perished In World War- II!

This is truly a miracle from God, who keeps His convent with His chosen nation! A 102 year old Holocaust survivor- Eliashu Pietruszka, who thought his entire family had perished in World War-II – had an unbelievable emotional reunion with his nephew! Eliashu’s brother had survived the Holocaust and his brother’s son 66 year old – Alexandre Pietruszka came from Russia to visit him at Israel with a confirmation! “You are a copy of your father”

Eliashu Pietruszka fled to Poland in 1939 leaving behind his parents and his twin younger brothers Volf and Zelig. Unfortunately both of his parents and Zelig were killed in a Nazi death camp. And Eliashu knew that Volf had escaped from the persecution but though that he had died at a Siberian work camp!

But the survived Volf was Living as a construction worker in an Industrial Russian City in the Ural Mountains! Volf filled out a testimony page for Eliashu who he thought had died, at the Yad Vashem memorial, according to the AP. Eliashus’s grandson , Shakhar Smorodinsky , recently received an email from a cousin in Canada who had found Volf’s testimony in Yad Vashem’s database and traced down the phone number and reached Alexandre! The genealogical database of Israel made a teary, joyful, miraculous reunion for all of us to witness!