8-Year-Old Homeless Boy Who’s Only Ever Wanted A Bed Of His Own Is Surprised With A Fully-Furnished Room

He never thought he will be bestowed with so much of blessing and bursts into tears of joy when he is surprised with very first bed of his own! This 8 year old boy Daeyrs who has spent most of his life in homeless shelters “only ever wanted” a bed of his own and was granted by a charitable organization with a fully furnished bedroom!

Daeyers and his mother Dionna from Detroit, Michigan have spent most of their life living in homeless shelters after  Dionna,who was a trainee nurse lost her job and subsequently their home as well. Initially they were supplied with an inadequate state housing with few blowup mattress and a couple of chairs and there Daeyers used to sleep on blankets in the floor!

But by God’s grace a charity organization called “Humble Home” came into their help with a fully furnished room . The touching video which was shot during the Christmas week, on December 20 th shows that the boy and the mother first stepping into their new abode which is beautifully decorated and the excited boy bursting into tears of relief in his mothers arms!

Finally he calls himself ”the man of the house” and through this story we all are heartily welcomed to witness his joyous emotions!

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