Abandoned Dog Sneaks Into A Book Store And Steals A Book On Abandonment

It was quite unexpected to have an uncommon candidate in the University book store. That too when it picked up the very book about its own life story, the scene becomes popular in the public!  A stray was caught on camera while sneaking into this University book store in Brazil and stealed a book titled “The Days of Abandonment”! The video footage was posted on the face book by Infinity Bookstore and the incident attracted various social media outlets. Finally it caught the attention of local animal rescues who stopped by the book store and took the abandoned into their care!

Infinity Book store is still sharing the updates about this hero dog saying “ For those who don’t know , after fleeing from a temporary home, the dog of the video came to stop here at the University. Now in the afternoon, two volunteers from Projeto Amparo Animal have come here and he will be returned to the same temporary home, where he will be medicated, vaccinated and very well taken care of .When it is 100 5, it will be available for adoption”

The book he has picked up from the store is returned by a student to the front desk executive and available at the library for many such abandoned victims!

Thank God, the smart dog picked up the right book and I am sure, soon he will get a forever home to live his deserved life! Let us share his story to get him into the right shelter!