52-Year-Old Homeless Man Enrolls At Cambridge University To Study English Literature!

Against all odds of life finally, Geoff Edwards age-52, has been accepted in the most prestigious university in the world to learn English Literature! Edward who is basically from a family of laborers came to Cambridge from Liverpool is to work as a laborer, but when the work dried up this homeless man went into depression with no resources to live ended up as a “rough sleeper” on the Cambridge University Center’s streets.

Edward who loves reading and had a fundamental math and O-level English education never gave up his dream of attending university. After he could manage to get a job to sell magazine “The Big Issue”, he took the necessary treatments for his sinking mental health and rediscovered his passion for learning! Being unqualified for University enrollment he attended the open day at Cambridge College and from there he enrolled the pre qualification classes and gained distinction in his Access to Higher Education course at Cambridge Regional College and rewarded with an “Outstanding Academic Achievement Award”. Now Edward is very proud of himself winning this renowned university place after years on streets!