Homeless Man Helps Woman With His Last $20 And Receives 100 Folds In Return!

One more “Feel Good” Story from the city of “Brotherly Love”- Philadelphia to motivate all!

At that night, Kate McClure was nervous to be found alone in the road with an empty gas tank which ran out of fuel! And she was about to start hiking to the nearest gas station when Johnny wandered up to her as a Good Samaritan!Johnny who is a homeless veteran of U.S. Marine Corps saw McClure in her trouble and secured her in the car and shortly returned with a gas can in his hand and selflessly spend his last $20 to buy the fuel! Even though she didn’t had cash to repay to this veteran’s kindness that night, she went extra miles to help his new friend in various manner

Stopping by his street corner she drops warm cloths, water , money , food  for Johnny and this was good enough for himself and to shelter his other homeless friends too! Surprisingly McClure was determined to continue helping his new friend and started a “GoFundMe campaign” to raise money for Johnny. She had secured $40,000 to help him with a shelter and reliable vehicle and 4-6 months worth of expenses!  She is really bringing him back to a normal quality life leaving a great paragon of “Brotherly Love”!