Homeless Man Hears Children Screaming And Rescues Them From Burning Home!

He was just in time saving 2 precious lives from the accidental fire which broke out in an apartment on Mesquite Avenue in Las Vegas .This homeless man named Anival Angulo was walking by the apartment building and noticed smoke from the building and went into the complex to see what it was. He then heard the babies crying out from the burning home helplessly! As he was pulling up the steel door, the dead –bolt lock unlatched and the door opened. The 3 year old ran to him and wrapped his arms around his waist and eventually he could manage to pull out that 10 months infant also from the smoky fire.

The fire started on the stove in a pan with cooking grease spreading it so fast… unfortunately the kid’s grandfather was on the back bed room left them alone. The accidental fire department is so grateful to Anival Angulo who was there to help them at the right moment! If he wouldn’t have responded to the screams of these kids, probably they would have died inside the fire!

This homeless stranger really deserves a great reward for his courteous loving support!