Homeless Man Finds $10,000 Check, Returns It To Owner

Elmer Alvarez , a homeless man who found a check of more than $10,000 near the corner of Temple and Chapel street in Downtown New Haven Conn wasn’t thinking of himself, rather he was concerned about the person who has lost that money and was feeling desperate to return that $10,000 check to its owner.

That person was Roberta Hoskie, a single mother who didn’t even realize that she’d lost the check until she got a phone call from Alvarez and his friend! For Alvarez seeing the happy reactions of this single mother was better than $10,000 and he’d do it all over again!

As a return gift; saying thanks to him she wrote him a check and is helping him get an education and an apartment of his own! We need to have more peoples like Elmer and Hoskie to enlighten a meaningful life in this earth!