Man Raising Money For Homeless ‘Angel’ Who Saved His Missing Dog

Rick from California is raising money to show his gratitude to a homeless “Angel” who rescued and cared for his missing dog. Rick was so touched to see the love of James who kept his beloved dog Maya and returned him with great effort!

Rick’s 9 month old, rat terrier ran away from home and he was unable to find her around. However Rick was feeling confident that his furry friend is all right and will be safe in someone’s hand!

“I just had this crazy feeling that she wasn’t hiding out or dead but in the company of someone that temporarily needed her”Rick said!

Right to his intuition, after leaving her house Maya reached in the hands of an “Angel Man” named James. He is living out of his car in East Hollywood and people used to call him “Canine” because of his deep love for dogs! James had recently gone through the death of his own canine companion and when one of his friend brought Maya to him, he was so happy to receive her! But when he noticed the dog was wearing an ID tag with a phone number in it, James knew he has to reach out to her grieving owner. He then arranged a cellphone and connects Rick with the happy news!

The loving kindness from this“Angel Man” touched the heart of Rick and he decided to pay it forward! “He just wanted to get her back to the person who loves her the most. It was all about love for James” Rick writes on the GoFundMe page for James!