Homeless Man Stuns Crowd Playing Incredible Music On Public Piano

“…the word of God is living and active…..is able It exposes our innermost thoughts and desires”(Heb 4:12)

Matthew Shaver an ordinary man becomes a striking figure among the crowd playing Union Station’s free piano, gaining respect and life who meditates on the piano as his life! Bible keeps on reminding us on the manifold benefits of meditating on Gods Word which can bring  the True Life to your life !The manifested Word Of God , The source of our very life – Christ – is in you!

One need to understand and  align with this divine truth as an anchor of your life to manifest its very power in you  and around you! For the Word of God is living and powerful and sharper than any two edged sword,  and its too sift to analyze and judge every thoughts and purposes of the heart and It can pierce right in between soul and spirit, or joints and marrow , it is only thing which can enter into the very place of the blood origination and transform it to life! Believe in the Power of  Gods Word in every area of your life! It can bring supernatural explosions to stun the people around You!  It’s a light for your path and lamp for your feet, Its pure and thoroughly tested, Its lovely as its soothes your soul , ts admirable, because whoever  walk in it becomes heroes in the world !

As this homeless brother who really found piano as a way for his life and it becomes admirable and a cause of praise for him, let us be among those who really can testify that “ your word oh Lord is the meditation of my heart , because  they are life to those who find them and health to all their body”.(Prov 4:22)