She Was Homeless And Addicted To Drugs, Now She Is The Best Server In Town

She had been rejected and homeless, sleeping under friend’s shelters for many months and now this 37 year old women is the best server in town making highlights in the news. Server Stacey Spiehler’s mission is to spread more happiness in the world and she went those extra miles in making delighted customers who in turn voted her as the best server in town ! Spiehler works at Fine & Dandy in Jackson, received a surprise appreciation as she was voted the Jackson metro areas best server in the Clarion Ledger’s recent online poll!

She grew up in Newgurgh, Indiana and first waited tables at the age  of 16 to make some  pocket money at the American Legion Hut. There she made a big hand slip when she dropped a ranch salad on a women’s dress in the restaurant, and at that time her father who was working as an assistant commander at Legion had to pay for her dry cleaning to settle the matter.

Spiehler later on got married and moved to New Orleans and there also she worked as a server at Steamboat Natches. Here her job wasn’t that easy as it includes a 2 hour cruise and faced many troubles in talking to people and getting the orders correct and she was greatly depressed with it. Eventually she and her family moved to Jackson 2004 and she stayed at home for 9 years and the couple had a son named Ace , now 11 who is down with cerebral palsy and is autistic! She had been through many such personnel challenges and become addicted to drugs and alcohol and got separation from her husband and left her home and son and become pathetically homeless on streets!

After months of struggling she managed to get hired as server at Mello Mushroom in Flowood and their she was fortunate to have a good group of people where she could learn a lot of life’s lessons and she even took a treatment from rehab restoring her health to normal and was further favored by God to receive some amazing grace which blessed her with the current accolades!

At Mello Mushroom she got  two visitors , who turned out to be Marino and her bar manager(Marisa Marino is Fine & Dandy’s director of hospitality). Those customers were very much impressed to see the way Spiehler handling the customers and the bar in such ease and offered her a job which they were planning to start with. She prayed it over with her mom and friends before moving to this new job. Spiehler was hired before Fine&Dandy opened on Dec 11 in The District Eastover development!

All the way to this recognition she has learned humility and gave more focus on being exceptionally gracious to customers and thus won the hearts of many to get credited as the best server in town.

“The one thing I Know is , God did me so right by bringing me to this restaurant” Her own testimony is the best way to thank God in molding and making her as a glorified vessel for him! Congratulations Spiehler!

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