Homeless Woman Flags Man Down To Help Save Woman From Oncoming Train

They were just in time to save the woman from being hit by a train in Colorado Springs. Identifying the danger a homeless woman was quick to flag down a man who was driving by and rescued the lady from dying in the stalled car.

This has happened on last Thursday night when Helga Rodger’s car got stalled on the train tracks.She doesn’t wanted to leave the car as is and tried to move it off the tracks without realizing the train is approaching very fast. That’s when a homeless woman saw her in the car and she immediately flags a man down to help her. The man named Brad Doll came and convinced Rodgers to get out of the car just in time.Soon after she was out from the car , a train smashed her car like a piece of plastic…

“ He saved my life ..God Bless..” She said to Doll with great gratitude.

Now she wants to find that homeless woman who was at the right place at the right time to save her life! Such miraculous escape from a severe tragedy which is good enough to reminds us about the importance of following the traffic rules to safe guard our life! Everything may not fall in right place at the right time for everybody! Let us guard our steps our own!