Hero Horse Saves His Partner’s Life After Owners Spent Six Hours Trying To Revive Her

The heartwarming video shows a caring horse reviving its dying stablemate to get up on her feet to have some food to survive its life! This loving friend understands the dire situation of its stablemate and put its entire effort to revive its mate and the whole family is happy with it!

The shire horse named Beatrice was found collapsed in her stable after suffering equine colic or sever abdominal pain! Her owner had tried to get her to her feet for six hours, as laying down for more hours can cause a fatal organ failure, resulting to death!

Her owners Donald Maclntyre and wife Jane Lipington and four farm workers had put their entire effort to stand the one tonne weighed horse up from the floor. They had even tried to lift her using a strap tied to a tractor to pull the limp horse to safety but it was too heavy for them to make it up!

Thank God for this loving stablemate and its incredible effort! You’ll surely appreciate and love it!

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