Teen Brings Graduation To Hospital For His Dying Mom

Its always a great feeling for kids to fulfill the wishes of their loving parents. But when it becomes the dying wish, its too hard to endure! This teenager’s mom‘s last wish was to attend his Graduation ceremony and how he has fulfilled his mother’s final wish will tear our eyes!

Dalton Jackson’s mother Stephanie Northcott is in critical health situation and hospitalized at Memphis, Baptist East. That’s when she expressed her last wish to see her son’s graduation. Her son Dalton was about to complete his high school from Hall High School and the graduation ceremony was scheduled for May 18.

To fulfill a dying mother’s last wish, the entire family, friends, school staffs and players from the football team and the hospital staffs all teamed up to put together a graduation ceremony at the hospital room!  Finally two weeks before the scheduled event, Northcott’s son Dalton put on his cap and his gown for his loving mother. With a catch in her voice, Hall Principal Suzanne Keefe made the graduation announcement for Dalton on last Friday! His mom and everyone in attendance Dalton celebrated the bittersweet occasion for his dying mother!

Overloaded with tears of joy the mother was seen embracing his son in his graduation attire! Its too much for anyone to witness such touching moments!