Devoted Husband Makes Special Wheel Chair For Wife So She Won’t Miss Out On Family Trips

He doesn’t have much of engineering knowledge, but he was so much devoted to his wife to design an extra ordinary “Tank Wheelchair” for her. Brad Soden put all of his efforts to build a all-terrain wheelchair for his wife to make sure she won’t miss out on any family activities!

Brad Soden’s wife Liz Soden was paralyzed from the waist down from past 19 years. The car accident leaves her immobile and she was left alone at home helplessly. But her loving husband always wanted to take her along for their family hiking trips and was keenly looking for a solution. Brad who has no college degree or formal engineering training approached many experts to have his dream fulfilled. However when none of them could give him a solution, he himself designed a TankChair with great efforts. He has spent several years and lots of money on a prototype to get the end result he dreamed off!

Finally on 2005 he came out with the perfect design, fit and sufficient for his wife to move around happily. He could even sell dozens of Tank Chairs to disabled individuals around the world!  He is so happy with his unique invention and the way its bringing smiles on many faces saying..

“Money does not drive me; It is all about the smiles on people’s face and all the families I’ve helped”!