Internet Helps Reunite Little Girl With Lost Teddy Bear With Military Dad’s Voice

This little girl is so happy to get back her “Love and Special” teddy bear which she thought was lost forever! Because her beloved teddy bear has a recording of her father’s voice to bring her comfort while he serves overseas. Each and every squeeze of the teddy bear was filled with the love from her dad and getting it back in a special way was the best episode in her life!

Six year old Paisley has lost her Teddy bear named  Lucy at Green Airport on Sunday! On that day she was traveling with the family members from Pennsylvania to Rhode Island. After reaching home, she and her mom searched it for everywhere and was so sad to miss that ‘little love from Dad”.However they were fortunate enough to get a happy news on Monday afternoon, informing that the teddy bear has been found by a worker at the airport. A JetBlue employee named Hayley Monfis saw the WBZ-TV’s story about the teddy bear. She saw the same while walking through the airport and kept it safely. Later on through WBZ she could handover the cute teddy bear to Paisley in Gardner!

This teddy bear was a special gift from her daddy, Chad Garlisi, who is a member of the Army National Guard. He is currently deployed in Kosovo and he made the recording included in the bear while he was deployed at Afghanistan.

The happy ending of a “lost love” is an adorable story to go through!!

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