Man Who Saved The Lives Of 2.4 Million Babies Makes His Final Blood Donation

An extraordinary act of loving kindness from an elderly man is worth tons of praises. 81 year old James Harrison has saved the lives of over two million babies by donating his unique blood. And today,this Guinness world recorder is making his final blood donation and the news is aptly highlighted!

James Harrison has a rare type antibody in his bloodstream that is used to make a lifesaving medication called Anti-D. It is used in infants if they have an opposite blood type to their mother. Lacking the Anti-D may even cause the death of the infants. Since medical science has failed to create a synthetic version of this antibody, they are depending on just 160 donors at Australia to produce this precious antibody.

“Every ampule of Anti-D ever made in Australia has James in it,Since the very first mother received her dose at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in 1967. It’s an enormous thing … He has saved millions of babies. I cry just thinking about it.”said Robyn Barlow, the Rh program coordinator who recruited James, the program’s first donor.

James started donating his blood from 1957 and has made 1173 blood donation so far.  From the time he has learned that he is blessed with such special blood stream, he was happy to save millions of life. Even though he still wanted to do save more lives, his age is prohibiting to doing so.

“It’s a sad day for me. The end of a long run,” “I’ve saved a lot of lives and brought a lot of new kids into the world. So that makes me feel good,” Harrison told!

James is currently holding a Guinness world record for his selfless efforts and he hopes that it will be broken – means another two million lives can be saved again! What a blessed man and a compassionate personality to appreciate!

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