KFC Founder Tells Interviewers How Jesus Saved Him In 1979 Interview

A great businessman with a unique success story is opening up his heart about the various truths he has experienced in his life, identifying the source of all blessings found in God alone! Colonel Sanders, most famously remembered for his Kentucky Fried Chicken empire is sharing how Jesus saved him in 1979 interview.

For Harland David Sanders, life only gets better with age. He had gone through many failures in his life before he starts the first KFC restaurant in 1952.He was 89 years old when he gave this final interview and one year after this interview he passed away! He says , for most of his life, he knew he needed to devote his life to Jesus Christ and finally at the age of 77 years old he was fortunate to accept Jesus Christ. And he calls it “the greatest experience I’ve had in my 89 years of life”

Going though his entire life, he acknowledged and shared the fact that , no amount of good works would get him in to heaven. Only having God in your heart, would assure him of salvation. He also urged his viewers, especially the older ones to accept Christ before it was too late.

While talking about the wealth, his desire to Steward God’s money in the right manner was aptly  highlighted. He who values the principles of God’s way of doing things ,went ahead with a a non-profit KFC foundation, aimed at improving the lives of KFC employees and their families! KFC foundation supports its employees welfare through various financial assistance and teaches the employees to learn healthy money management skills for lifelong benefits!

The colonel believes that the God blessed him with great wealth to become a blessing for others! He fully embraced the adage saying “ you can’t take it with you, No use being the richest man in the cemetery..because you can’t do any business in there”!

Thank God, The happy blessings are enjoyed by millions in the world and his humbleness in acknowledging the greatness of God in all his endeavor is a great testimony for Jesus Christ!