Veteran Smiles For The First Time In 40 Years After A Kind Dentist Fixes His Teeth For Free

He was struggling to give a confident smile for the past 40 years and now a kind hearted dentist made it possible for free! A veteran nicknamed “Smiley” was given the gift of new smile by this dentist after he has heard the touching story about this veteran!

Larry “Smiley” Kleiman” did two tours in Vietnam and worked with dogs there and now volunteers at  firehouse with the local K9 unit!  At his old age after loosing many of his teeth he didn’t had much money to fix his smile as the cost of surgery-$60,000, was too much for this fixed income retired veteran. He in fact had no teeth left when he saw Dr Michael Tischler, founder of the Teeth Tomorrow for a consultation.

After hearing the personal story of this poor veteran , Dr Tischler decided to payback for his great service saying” They’re giving up their life for our freedom ..and we felt good helping him and feels really good”! Doctor along with his wife worked to replace every one of his missing teeth for free!

It’s too heartwarming to see that, after so many years “Smiley” is so happy with his new confidence and  for the family it was quite an emotional moments to shed some happy tears! The touching video shows the veteran is unveiling his new smile to his family.

I am so happy to see his really good smile!

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