Veteran Bursts Into Tears When Dentist Gives Him $15,000 Of Work For Free!

“They give up so much for the country and whatever I can do just to help him out a little bit, it’s all worth to me”. The words of a real hero -Dr Nguyen- are truly remarkable when he extended a work worth of $15,000 to one of his veteran patient for free! For him all veterans are heroes!

The retired Air Force Veteran David Tyler Harmon met Dr Nguyen during a workout at the gym and when he learned that Nguyen is a dentist, the air force veteran book an appointment for his teeth cleaning! But when it was time for the cleaning, the doctor found out that Harmon’s teeth were in serious disrepair, requiring much more than a cleaning! The cost to fix all his pain was more than he had anticipated or he could pay!

The hero- Dr Nguyen didn’t even wait for the VA, did the entire fix up for this veteran’s teeth giving him a million dollar smile for free! David, understandably overwhelmed, broke down in tears! Such a great tribute from a great citizen!