Kind Driver Stops Traffic, Helps Elderly Man Cross The Street

Loving hearts and caring hands are all around us and few of them are caught on camera for the world to witness! This heartwarming story is about a caring driver, who went out of his way to help an elderly man cross a busy street in Griffins, Ga. His way of helping this stranger was truly touching and the world has accepted it with a cheering accolades!

This driver from Georgia was kind enough to pull his white pickup truck across lanes of traffic and move forward to help this elderly man to cross over safely. He did even stopped other vehicles to ensure the man is safe until he cross the road. Once his loving mission was over he get back to his own journey!

Who can stop recording such act of loving kindness in the midst of a busy life! Eondria Weems started recording it when she saw this “Good Samaritan” and made available for the millions to see it.“It was so nice of him to do that, it makes you think there are still nice people in the world” Her own remarks are true to its meaning!

Watching such inspiring incident will make us happy and feel proud about our community!