Kind Girl Helps Opponent Cross The Finish Line After Falling At The Last Hurdle

People enjoy sports and those who participate in the competition will always aim to win the play! Especially on individual sports, where your victory relied on your own performance, they may choose to get as fast possible to the finishing point to have the medal! But here an athlete shows a deviation from the common mind set, when she stops to help someone who has stumbled on the go!

14 year old girl from Kermit, Texas took part in a 300 meter hurdles event with other girls, most of who she never met before. Marissa was running her race in the right track with one of the girls she did not know. But at the last hurdle, this girl was taken over by fatigue and missed the hurdle and fall flat on ground!  By then Marissa has already crossed over the girl and won the race by a long shot!

Even though Marissa felt victorious in her result, she just turned back to see her opponents progress towards the finish line. But when she saw the girl was struggling to get off the ground, she was quick to reach out to her, helping to pick her up on her feet to move. She was really injured and was unable to get up on her own. This was so touching and watching her passionate love the entire stadium clapped their hands with shouts of encouragement!

The audience was glad to distinguish the real success as the real victory always originates from loving hearts!