‘I Felt God Telling Me ‘Go Help Him,’ Kind Officer Buys Groceries For Family

A kind police officer is blessed to be a blessing and shares extraordinary acts of kindness with his fellow human. A Cleveland, Tennessee Police Officer was kind enough to use his blessings to pay the groceries of a customer at Walmart store. When the customer extended his gratitude saying “God Bless you” , the police officer responded saying “ I am already blessed, I love you”!

A fellow shopper who was witnessing this heartwarming event brought that into the attention through his facebook page.He wants people to identify the greatness of this police officer and thank him!

The post was shared numerous time and eventually the police department could identify the tallest officer from the given description in the post” he’s 6.5 and buff”. It was their employee -School Resource Officer Mike Kelly!He was working as a security job at Walmart when he noticed a familiar face in the billing line. When he learned that the man’s card declined, he was there to help him.

“I just felt God telling me — saying ‘Just go help him. We’re getting extra money to be [here].’ And I’m just like ‘Are these people going to go hungry when I’m just sitting here making a little extra money for myself?'” Kelly said. 

Its guaranteed that the officer wouldn’t want the fame or credits from this, but he said that he paid for the groceries to encourage others to do random acts of kindness! “It inspires US ALL to be kind to others” the proud Cleveland Police Department were happy to appreciate their employee and become a paragon for the society!

We are truly blessed with such amazing people around us! They are there because God has placed them to be a blessing for others! Thank You God ,You really cares for the people!

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