Subway Singer Spend Hours Delighting The Public So Homeless Can Take What They Need

A young musician choose an excellent way to help the hopeless through his mission named “Hopeful Cases”! He spends hours delighting the public with his street performance so that the homeless can take what they need from his donation case!

28 year old William Boyajian first moved to New York City one year ago and was upset to see the amount of rough sleepers on the streets. His heart was moved in compassion to see the  homeless and the issue realty bothered the young mind!

“These people in need are our neighbors and fellow New Yorkers, and I didn’t wanna ignore them.”

So instead of ignoring them, he took his guitar into the subway tunnels and started busking for money. He set up a sign next to his guitar case reading “If you’re homeless or need help. Take as much as you need from the case (I just like to play”)

His artistic’s career kicked off in 2012 after his graduation from Ithaca College with a BFA in musical theater. His performance model was used as an inspiration to create the New York City Based charity named Hopeful Cases. He has launched this nonprofit charity mission to use various artists to use their skills as a means of raising money to help support the homeless.

“The point of this project was to change the way we think about giving, the homeless And poverty,”

 He makes money from his musical career and the spare time is used for “Hopeful Cases”. Whatever the amount of money he raises from his street performance he gladly spends it on the poor. He used to raise anywhere from $350-$400 per day, but his goal is to empty his case each day.

“When I am in the city, I busk 4-5 days a week, normally for around 5 hours a day, or until my voice gives out whichever comes first. Singing in the subway without amplification takes its toll. “Luckily,” he added, “I have no day job.”

In the video, the ladies are seen coming and picking up the money they needed for their daily lives. All of them are blessed to have such a great man in their home town and extended their great gratitude with tears of joy. If he has any money after left out in the case, he carries the remaining money  and walks the streets and hand it out to those sitting on the streets.

 “This gives a really interesting opportunity to sit and talk with the people who are receiving the funds and hear their stories.”

Seeing such great initiative from the young people will truly give us hope for tomorrow! We are blessed to have them in our community. You are also invited to become a part of their Hopeful Cases mission work and you may please reach them out at the nonprofits  website or look at their work on Instagram !

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