Woman Sees Homeless Man Shivering In The Street And What She Does Next Will Move You

Love never fails! A nice gesture of loving care in the middle of freezing weather ended up warming the lives of 500 shivering people!

A few days ago, during a cold snap in Waterbury, Christina Calvo was driving down the Meriden Road and she saw a man with no coat shivering in the street. Moved with compassion she drove to Burlington Coat Factory to get him the warmest coat. She drove down hoping to find that man and gave him that coat and gave him a hug and wished him a Merry Christmas! And the man was like seeing God saying repeatedly “Oh My God, Oh My God”

She herself has posted this touching video anticipating inspiring others to do something nice for somebody like this! Thank God! Her act of loving kindness has touched the hearts of millions including the owner of Burlington Coat Factory. Much of Christina’s surprise the Coat Factory owner is now donating 500 winter coats to any charity of Christina’s choosing!

The overwhelmed Christina started crying! Such incredible movements are much needed in the society as its important to be kind to others and feel good within!

Christmas Kindness

"I was driving down Meriden Road in Waterbury and saw this man with no coat. I looked down and saw that it’s only 18 degrees out and I started to cry for him. So, I drove to Burlington Coat Factory and bought the warmest coat I could find. I sped back in hopes he was still there and he was! Nobody should ever be without a coat in this weather. He was so thankful for it. I put it on him, zipped it up, gave him a hug, and wished him a Merry Christmas."

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Submitted by Christina Calvo

Posted by Love What Matters on Saturday, 16 December 2017

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