Kindergarten Class Starts Every Day With A Special Handshake

A teacher wants to make sure that her “little’s” starts their day with a hand shake and a smile! Everyday she appoints one student to act as a “greeter” and stands at the class room door .All the other students line up to give the greeter a handshake and say good morning before walking into their seats! The video of her kindergartner’s lining up to give a cute and powerful welcome to his classmates is going viral in the internet!

Ashley Coston Taylor has been a teacher for 18 years and she believes each of her “littles” deserves a classroom where they know they are accepted and have friends. She hopes their simple way of making positive interaction at the start of their day can help them learn that.

The heartwarming video show today’s “Greeter – Asher Bales” is greeting his fellow classmates with handshakes and a smile. As he is standing at the door to greet his friends, some of the kids hug him and some kids gives Asher a handshake and a hug too!

“When I see the direction the world is heading, it reminds me what I am doing WILL make a difference!” Taylor wrote in a caption when she posted this video on Facebook.

Aren’t you happy that we are blessed with such great teachers and our future generation is heading in the LOVE direction!

When I see the direction the world is heading, it reminds me that what I am doing WILL make a difference!

Posted by Ashley Coston Taylor on Monday, May 21, 2018