King David’s City Discovered Exactly Where the Bible Said It Was

I am so glad to see that science is making its steps with the infallible word of God! Historians were in diligent search for the evidence that proves the events and cities mentioned in the Bible are true! God is helping them to discover one by one, confirming His words are eternally established!

Many historians still don’t view Bible as a credible source and they used to question about the existence of important Bible figures like King Saul and Kind David. According to Professor Avraham Faust from Bar-llan University, Kind David’s existence has been a matter of debate from the past 25 years.Finally they could bring up the scientific proof to full stop the argument when they found the King David’s City exactly where the bible said it was!

Professor Faust and his team could make a groundbreaking discovery which proved the historical accuracy of God’s Word and the existence of King David. They found a site at Tel ‘Eton in a valley near the Hebron hills of Israel. The location and carbon dating is backing up their much awaited discovery .And the structure found by them was dated back to the 10th century when King David was the ruler of Israel.But the Researchers believe the city was destroyed by Assyrians in 70BCE. They did also discover artifacts like potter, loom weights and arrowheads from the said location. These evidence are enough for the scholars to believe it to be the location of the Biblical city of Eglon mentioned in the book of Joshua 15:20 and 15:39.

“This was the inheritance of the tribe of the people of Judah according to their clans… Lachish, Bozkath, Eglon, Cabon, Lahman, Chitlish.”

The site at Tel ‘Eton may even join other archaeological findings such as Khirbet Qeiyafa, a military fortress south of Jerusalem, Ten Dan Stele , a stone inscribed with phrases like “House of David” to further strengthen the existence of King David!

Thank God ,even if any archaeologists would argue that Faust is clouding his judgement by trying to prove things found in the Bible, they have an answer for the them. And the answer is this.

“Archaeology does not begin with a belief and the Bible and then search for proof. We first find evidence and then try to understand the truth behind the evidence.” Dr Eliat Mazar said

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