The Voice Contestant Performing ‘How Great Thou Art’ Will Blow You Away

“Everything that has breath praise the Lord”(Psa 150:6)

Its truly a blessing to hear the talented contestant singing “How Great Thou Art” on live television. Her breathtaking performance in worshiping God with all her might will leave you speechless. There is nothing better than seeing her lifting the name of Lord in such a great platform!

Just watch as Kyla Jade steps onto The Voice stage and starts to belt out the classic hymn”How Great Thou Art” in a stunning style. Kyla is singing for the Lord on live television and she astonished everyone with her incredible voice! People from all over the world were able to watch her touching rendition “How Great Thou Art”! It looks like she is in line with the Word of God!

“ I will declare your name to my people, in the assembly I will praise you” (Psa 22:22)

Its amazing to know that her stellar performance earned her a spot in the Top 12. Stay tuned to see her again!

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