7-Year-Old Who Overcame Leukemia Bursts Into Tears When She Meets Her Bone Marrow Donor

This young girl was overwhelmed with tears of emotions to thank the man who saved her life from a deadly decease! 7-year-old ,who overcame leukemia couldn’t hold her tears when she saw the bone marrow donor who came to meet her at her home!

Adriana Aviles, was diagnosed with leukemia on the day before Mother’s day on 2015. Now that she has recovered from the decease the family is celebrating her victory at their hometown in Cleveland, Utah, United States.

The beautiful video shows the girl meets the man who saved her life for the first time in an emotional reunion. She was seen crying from the beginning of the video till he comes and embrace her in his arms. The family had a great time and the way they made the “Thank You” event was filled with touching moments!