Rescue Chimp Reunites With His Human Foster Parents In Heartwarming Video

The adorable video shows a young chimpanzee, Limbani is reuniting with his human parents and the way he express his immense love is so beautiful. Soon after he saw his human parents, Tania and Jorge who helped raise him, he was excited to jump into his arms and cuddle him so dearly!

Limbani is a young chimpanzee at Zoological Wildlife Foundation at Miami. He was raised by the couple, because he was born with pneumonia and was rejected by his mother at birth. The husband and wife helped shoulder the responsibility of taking care Limbani from childhood and the little chimp never forgets it. Chimps are already similar to humans, but Limbani  has a lot of human behaviors like washing his hands, takes showers and wears diapers and kid’s clothing etc. The adorable chimp has many fans in the zoo and whenever his parents come to meet him, he always keeps the same passion and love as their little baby!

“Tania and Jorge can go without seeing him for a couple months and his reaction is always the same….” ZWF posted this adorable video on their Facebook for all of us to. The beautiful bond between this chimp and his human parents just made my day.

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