5-Year-Old Boy’s Special Bond With UPS Driver Is Simply Beautiful

Kids are really amazing and their ambitions are always unique and precious for those who are close to them. 5 year old boy James Walker wants to become a UPS driver when grow up, so that he can “travel the world delivering the packages”. And his special friend, a UPS driver Kellie Martin is the best inspiration driving his ambition.

James and his mom Lauren Walker lives in a rural area at Walkers Forest City of North Carolina and the UPS trucks comes to deliver the packages and thus this friendship started a year ago and grown with every package delivered to the Walkers Forest City. Super driver Martin was really proud of his little friend’s ambition and decided to make his 5th birthday a surprise.  Martin submitted James for UPS’s Wishes Delivered Campaign, which delivers mini UPS trucks to deserving children and organizations around the world and she gifted him a shiny tiny mini UPS truck!

Little James is UPS driver now, he has a uniform and now, his own “best truck with headlights” and Martin feels fortunate and blessed to be on the route that her precious friend James Lives on! I am sure this beautiful story will deliver you a pleasant smile!

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