5-Year-Old Boy’s 911 Call Saves His Pregnant Mom’s Life After She Collapses At Home

5 year old boy Matthew Wehr is being labeled as hero for stepping up in time of crisis by saving his mother and unborn sibling’s life after his pregnant mom becomes critically ill. His timely response has saved two precious lives from dying and the little hero is very modest to admit it.

Matthew was at home with his 6 months pregnant mom and one day without any pre alert his mom collapsed just outside the kitchen. Her blood sugar had dropped to dangerously low and little Matthew could identify the critical situation and made a call to his step dad, who then called 911. When 911 called back no one was there to pick the call but Matthew has managed to call back 911 and the dispatcher at the other end was carefully listening to his little voice speaking ” Well, her tummy started hurting and then she fell”.

The dispatcher responded by sending the ambulance to their house and unfortunately Matthew couldn’t open the door. Even though he really tried he couldn’t unlock the door, and the dispatcher Maria Bebber stayed there on the phone until EMS broke down the door to get in. His mother Patricia who has very little recollection of the ordeal is now in the necessary medication to prevent such incidents as the baby is due on March.

This cute boy is really a genius hero and he is likely to receive a special commendation for his heroic actions. While sharing about her little sons heroism his mother was overwhelmed in tears of gratitude saying “If I had been left there and he didn’t know call somebody, I very well could have died”.

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