4-Year-Old Befriended Elderly Widower At Grocery Store 2 Years Ago, Here’s What They’re Doing Now

A beautiful friendship began at a grocery store between a little girl and an elderly man is making many highlights with a title of “magical love”!

Their loving friendship sprouted on year 2016 at a Public grocery store. That day, 83-year-old Dan Peterson was doing his shopping all alone. The elderly man was severely depressed and feeling lonely at that time, because his loving wife had just passed away. But a Godly moment just happened, when a sweet little girl randomly stopped him on his way and asked him for a hug. 5-year-old Norah Wood , who had never seen Dan before stopped him in his tracks and demanded a hug!

Those moments were so special and touching for the elderly man and the magical love was so sweet to tear up his eyes. From that day onwards they were inseparable and at least once in a week they will meet each other!

Now after 2 years, their lovely relationship is growing strong and the little girl is very happy to meet her “Sweet” friend often. In fact on her last visit to his home, Norah was in tears to leave him alone, because he hadn’t answer the door right away on her coming and she was very concerned about her best friend!

What a beautiful story of True Love!