4-Year-Old Girl Gives All Her Piggy Bank Savings To Police Officer Battling Cancer

The extraordinary act of loving-kindness from this 4 year old girl is a real paragon to the nations! When Sydney Fahrenbruch heard that one of the officers at the Longmont Police Department is battling cancer, this 4 year old knew what needs to be done and cracked her piggy bank to donate her little money, around 8$ to officer Kyle Zulauf.

In a way Sydney was returning her regards to the department who helped her earlier this year when Longmont Police Officer Bonday came to her house to search out and remove monsters form her new home making national news!

But now the Police Officers at Longmont are stunned to see this little star who is back to their department with a greater purpose helping the colleague of her  friend Officer Bonday. Watching this courteous act will be a true inspiration for all of us!