This 8-Year-Old Girl Is On A Mission To Hug Police Officers In All 50 States

8-year-old girl is on a ‘Love’ mission to hug police officers all across the U.S. She goes around the country and hugs the officers, believing ‘God wants ‘her to do so. She started her “Mission of Love “after several officers were gunned down in Dallas in 2016!

Louisiana girl, Rosalyn Baldwin ,travels all across the United States hugging as many police officers as she can. So far she has visited 27 states and hugged countless police officers making them feel loved! She and her mother started this mission after several police officers were killed in 2016.

“Basically, it was the shootings in Dallas that broke her heart,””She said, ‘Momma, they’re killing our heroes.’ And then when it happened in Baton Rouge, it was very personal to her.” her mother Angie Baldwin explained…

The little girl is known for her caring love in all across the nation. She often shows up at police departments during sad times and cheer them up with her warm hugs!  Her mission in bringing love to everything is so much accepted and appreciated by the officers!

“To have a young person like that really just share that love that she has for police officers, it really warms our hearts, especially on a day like this when we are remembering those that we’ve lost,” Chief Eliot Isaac said during Rosalyn’s visit.

It’s too good to see the young generation is up for spreading Gods’ love to the grieving hearts! Really appreciable!