3-Year-Old Runs Across Neighborhood To Save Mom’s Life After She Suffers Seizure On Walk

3-year-old Savannah Lavely, is hailed as superhero for her timely act of bravery and quick-thinking. The little girl from Warren, Michigan saved her mother’s life when she collapsed on walk after suffering from seizures. Savannah was quick and wise enough to run back to her house and call her grandparents to help rescue her mother.

That day, Savannah and her mother Jessa was on a walk around her neighborhood when Jessa was hit by seizures. When the incident happened , they were only half a block away from the Lavely family’s home and the little girl did the right thing at the critical time!

The heartwarming footage, which was caught in the security camera on family’s front porch shows the little girl is hurrying up to the house. Running up the driveway, with zero guidance or help from anyone, she sprung into action by pounding on the door and called for help. Luckily the grandparents were there inside and they could attend her mother with necessary medical supports!