Comedian With Cerebral Palsy Earns Standing Ovation On ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

“Lost voice guy” has the audience roaring with appreciations of applause for his unique comedy show! Comedian with Cerebral Palsy gets standing ovation on Britain’s Got Talent Audition, and his talents will amaze you with smiles and joy!37 year old  Lee Ridly had the whole audience on their feet with his stand up routine on Britain’s Got Talent.

Lee Ridley’s cerebral palsy has left him unable to speak, but that doesn’t stop him delivering hilarious jokes in a unique way. He was happy and jovial to give spontaneous answer to his judges in the most brilliant way. Watching him delivering such impetuous comedy will  make you laugh like anything.

He is really blessed with amazing talents and his talent will move him ahead of life, victoriously!