Animal Shelter Set Up Lounge Chair For Every Dog To Bring Them Closer To Home

Illinois animal shelter is blessed with some cozy recliners and the lucky fur babies are enjoying their new chair homes! The Knox County Humane Society got donated chairs when a video of one of their dog enjoying the cozy recliners viewed by millions in the internet.

The dog, Buster brown loves to climb in the chairs behind the front desk, but he was too big to get comfy in the desk chairs. So the kind care giver gave him an armchair of his own to enjoy. That’s when they identified may be his furry friends loves chairs too!

Along with the video of Buster Brown on facebook, the organization asked for small chairs to put in the kennels for the dog who had been there the longest. Thankfully their genuine request was gladly accepted by many as dozens of people dropped off their old chairs for these poor animals.

Now the dogs and cats at this animal shelter is enjoying their new life in the cozy recliners and watching them enjoying their new decor will surely warm up our hearts! I fell very happy for these dogs and cats!!