God Tells Twin Sisters To Feed The Hungry And They Have Been Doing It For 32 Years

These twin sisters were given with a mission from God to feed the hungry people in their community! And they were so diligent to execute His mission in the most appreciable manner. Even though these loving sisters have passed away in their good old age, their “Love Kitchen” still stands as a legacy for their name!

Medically retired from a nursing career in 1984, identical twins Helen Ashe and Ellen Turner spent the next few months for an answer from God to show a meaningful path for the rest of their life. They always had a dream to feed the hungry and when Helen Ashe dreamed of creating a program to serve the needy of Knoxville. She was led by God to watch a news broadcast about a soup line operated by Church Street United Methodist Church in Knoxville. That is how she got the insight on her mission to help feed God’s children and started “Love Kitchen” as an answered prayer from God. Her twin sister Ellen also joined with her for this beautiful mission. And on the very first day of their mission, on February 14, 1986, they could feed 22 people in a small set up in a church basement. There they have served homemade meals for the home bound and the homeless with passion and love!

The twin born in Abbeville, South Carolina always credits the concept of “Love Kitchen” to their loving parents. Despite their extreme poverty their parents saved money for their education so they could study after high school and secure a good future. The seed of their desire to help the needy was planted by their loving parents, Alice and John Liddell. And the twins always adhered to the “three truths” taught by their parents …

  1. There is only one Father and that is the Father in heaven.
  2. There is only one race, the human race.
  3. Never take the last piece of bread; someone may come in need of it!

They were loved by their community and various fames were attached to their kindness in the public arena. However none of these fames were a hindrance to their mission work. Today the Love Kitchen has its own building about 2 blocks from where it started and serves over 3000 meals each week. With the help of dedicated volunteers they still serves the “Five H’s” – The hungry, the homelss, the helpless ,the hopelss and the homebound.

“ We are caretakers, and we protect what the Lord gives us…We are so blessed” —Their own words  are quoted here!

Together these twins have filled the bellies of thousands and now even after their death their mission which is build up on the foundation of “LOVE” still remains to serves the same “Five H”!Such a great inspiration to fill our hearts and minds in the passion of Love!!

Do you want to join them or interested in volunteering or contributing to this “Love Kitchen”? Just dial 546-3248! God Bless you all!