A Mama Duck Immediately Adopts 10 Orphaned Ducklings

Whole creations displays the very nature of their ‘Creator’ and here a mama duck becomes the very vessel to display the nature of God! When an animal control officer, Diane Desrosiers dropped a few orphaned ducklings to a pond, they were immediately welcomed by this mama duck! And watching her spontaneous response will make us to say “the most precious kind of thing I’ve ever witnessed”!

Last week, Officer Diane rescued ten ducklings who had wandered across the expressway in Southgate, Michigan. Their mom was nowhere to be found and the officer decided to take them to a nearby pond. When the officer put the babies in the water, another duck mom named Stella came forward and received all the little ones to her fold!

Chris Grandy, who has filmed this video explained about “the most precious kind of thing she have ever witnessed”!

“Our pet duck, who we had named Stella, had hatched her family of nine 2 weeks ago near our cart shed, was swimming at the time. As soon as the officer put the babies in the water, without hesitation, Stella left her family and welcomed the new ones!”