Man Gets Life Saving Gift From Woman He Helped 16 Years Ago

She is really grateful that she got an opportunity to repay him with a life saving kindness for the one who have helped her 16 years ago! Traci Settlemyre has donated her kidney to a dispatcher who was undergoing dialysis to keep save his life! Its all because this gracious lady still kept the record of a kind support she has received on 16 years ago from this dispatcher named Troy Gorden!

She recalls that event which occurred 16 years ago, when her 2 year old son Herson Gordon Jr was down with tonsils and adenoids and he’s asthmatic and catching cold was a dire situation which demands a close attention. Her husband was a fire fighter and was away from home and during this desperate situation she called 911 for help and Troy Gorden was on the other line! Troy was her link to being calm till her husband got there and for Traci that connection meant a lot and she was really grateful for Gorden’s timely support.

Now a month ago she came to know that Gorden needed a kidney and she didn’t hesitate to donate her kidney! Soon after the medical conformation stating that her kidney was a match they both went into a successful kidney transplantation surgery which was performed  by a robot at Henry Ford Hospital.

Gorden is so thankful for this great gift from Traci and he choose to believe it as a divine intervention ordained by God by bringing Traci in his life! God blessed you both and stay healthy and happy always!