Man Gives Free Haircuts To Homeless And A Stranger Gifts Him A Barber Shop!

The “Brotherly Love” of this gentleman is aptly rewarded at “Philadelphia”! Brennon Jones, a Barber who made the headlines a year ago when he stared giving free haircuts to homeless on the streets of Philadelphia had continued his act of kindness towards the strangers and homeless people around the street! In the process he also inspired a “loving stranger” named Sean Johnson who has gifted Bennon a brand new fully renovated barber shop!

Sean, a barber himself, was planning on expanding his barber shop down the street and was looking at it more as to build something great and Bennon was a good fit for his desire! Infact Bennon was concerned about the coming winter on how to continue his haircuts in the street and he chooses to rely on his faith on God’s provision! And his new shop will open on next month with set days for the homeless. Truly God has over answered his prayer and Bennon is glad to testify it saying “God brought me this far and I know he is not gonna leave me now”! Good Luck Brother, God Bless You!

You are watching a great testimony and a good paragon which will make your day full!