Man Heroically Rescues Missing dog From River

A man was kind enough to treks down a river bank to rescue a dog that had been trapped there for a number of days before being heard howling. Darrell Perkins from Kentuky was right in time to respond to the cry of the missing dog which was stuck in the river Kentucky river bank.

The dog named Ginger was missing from several days, and ended up trapped in the mud of a riverbank in Ulysses Ky. Last Wednesday when Darrell was getting into his truck nearby the said river when he heard a dog’s howling for help. He then called his neighbors and Lawrence County Dog Warden, Johnny Rickman to help rescue the dying dog. Because the hill was too steep and muddy for him to venture down alone safely.

The heartwarming video shows the man is heading down the muddy hill and then slowly helping to bring the dog up. He put the harness on and went down rescuing the dog in his hand. The dog was fallen down the bank and her leg was stuck inside. She had been there since Friday and luckily the river did not rise to drown the dog!

Ginger’s owner, Brenda Osborne said, she left her three dogs out on Friday morning before heading away for weekend. She was not aware about the incident until last Monday when she realized that one of her dog, Ginger was missing. She is now happy for her precious dog’s miraculous escape..”It’s a miracle we got out in time,” Rickman said.

Thank God, by the timely arrival of a brave man, the 12 year old dog is slowly recovering her health at the veterinarian.

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