Man Moving Into A New House Finds A Dog Chained Up In The Basement And It’s Reaction Says It All

He just couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw a dog chained in the basement of the house he just bought. The poor pup was abandoned and left to die without even a bowl of water. This heartbreaking story happened in St. Louis when the new owner moved in and discovered a beautiful pit bull dog chained in the basement!

When the volunteers came rushing to rescue the pup, it stared wagging its tail and was so happy to see someone with a flashlight of hope! Natalie Thomson, Stay Rescue of St Louis group’s communication director says about the dog that “She was nearly chocking herself as she was so excited to see us. When we feed her, she couldn’t stop jumping up and down and giving hugs”

After going through the traumatic experience of being abandoned and wouldn’t have survived much longer without being found by the man ,the dog is so much in love with him. Her exuberant personality and the sheer joy she showed of being rescued earned her the name “Jumping Bean”!

The adorable video shows the happy pup is thrilled with his newly found “freedom life” and her remarkable spirit is cheering up everyone around!“She loves everyone she meets and craves attention. She makes sure she is not ignored! She’s an energetic and very affectionate pup. She is so happy all the time”.

After watching this video i have believed that all these are true about “Jumping Bean”!

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